Lanita Joseph is a nondenominational artist. Lanita is the founder and artistic director of the Anita Davis Dance Theater. She simply has a vision and creates it either on stage or on camera and even on paper. With an English degree from the University of Georgia in Athens and apprenticeship with Joel Hall, Lanita has been working in film and creative writing, as well as dance. Lanita Joseph has been choreographing different shows around the country from Dance Chicago and Collaborations in chicago to the Choreographer's Ball in Los Angeles. In addition to her career as a choreographer, Lanita has also been very concerned with the youth. In particular, youth of color. In addition to choreographing for many shows, she also teaches inner city kids how to dance with After School Matters as well as teaching at The Camp of Dreams. Lanita feels it is her obligation to stop the cycle of hate and produce more love. Furthermore, she has just produced a documentary called, The "It" Factor, coming soon. Lanita is a visionary and continues to create what she sees for the world to feel.