Current Sponsors

Stephanie Wilson
Roscoe's bar and Resteraunt
Fuller Park District
Sponsorship/Donor Opportunities

Anita Davis Dance Theater Just Be tour will reach over 2 million people ranging from the age 15-35 in our performance tours alone. Our promotions team has access to radio stations, press releases and programs for mass advertisement. In addition, we also have fiscal sponsorship where it allows your company to receive a tax refund for giving to our cause. Working in collaboration with the Anita Davis Dance Theater will naturally bring great exposure to your product for a great cause. To find out more, please e-mail us.

We are currently trying to raise $268,960 to secure our tour.

The following opportunities are coming soon for further sponsorship and enjoyment:

  • Express your self: Spoken word open night mic.
  • My one woman army(Raw)
  • Rebound Dance festival
  • The “It” Factor- Documentary